About us

The multiplication and increasing complexity of pollution-related issues have determined the need to review current approaches in industry and to adapt relevant strategies and concepts with a view to their effect on the environment. In close connection to ongoing economic policies, with an eye to medium and long term economic and social forecasts, decisions have been made and actions have been taken with the goal of ensuring the long-lasting integrity of the environment in which all our activities are carried out. Society must be made able to continue its work, and work with a view to achieving sustainable and environment-friendly modes of operation.

Since 2003, Termodesign has provided personalized and comprehensive industrial solutions to environmental issues in the sphere of air filtration. Our expertise has come to encompass domains such as air de-dusting, filtering of oil vapours, welding fumes, noxious gases, and deodorization.

With our designers, technicians and installers, we are able to provide consultancy, equipment delivery, equipment installation, PIF and maintenance services related to a wide range of air-filtering technologies.

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