Atmospheric pollution

"Air pollution is harmful to human health and ecosystems. Much of the population does not live in a healthy environment, according to current standards. In order to pursue a sustainable path, Europe will have to show ambition and not just the current legislation."

Hans Bruyninckx, Chief Executive Officer
European Environment Agency

Atmospheric pollution

Particles represent the atmospheric pollutant that most affects people's health in Europe. Think of particles as dusty so fine that they can float in the air.

Atmospheric pollution

Some particles are so small that they not only penetrate very deeply into our lungs but also get into the blood, just like oxygen.

Atmospheric pollution

Some particles are emitted directly into the atmosphere. Others are the result of chemical reactions involving precursor gases, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia and volatile organic compounds.

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Specializing in pollution control processes, Termodesign designs and implements solutions tailored for particulate matter and dust extraction, smoke, flue gas and oil vapors, as well as treatment of noxious, acidic, odorous gas waste.

Equipment we offer

  • Cyclones, multicyclones
  • Pulse-jet self-cleaning bag filters
  • Pulse-jet self-cleaning cartridge filters
  • Scrubbers for washing toxic gases
  • Active carbon filters
  • Biofilters
  • Industrial steel and plastic fans
  • Ventilation ducting and accessories
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